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Vous êtes iciAccueilActualitésProgrammations Scientifiques43rd IAH CONGRESS du 25 au 29 septembre 2016 - Le Corum , Montpellier

43rd IAH CONGRESS du 25 au 29 septembre 2016 - Le Corum , Montpellier

L'AIH (Ass. Int. des Hydrogéologues) fête son 60ème anniversaire cette année à Montpellier, du 25 au 29 septembre 2016


C. Leduc (G-EAU),  G. Favreau (HSM) et B. Scanlon (Univ. Texas, Austin), organisent une session dans le TOPIC 2 - HYDROGEOLOGY(ISTS) AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Cette session s'intitule "Groundwater in semiarid regions – a long-term view on changes in aquifer balances" :

"Aquifers represent a key resource for development of semiarid regions due to (i) relatively higher volume and larger extent of groundwater compared to surface water, and ii) lower sensitivity of groundwater resources to short time scale climate variability. Over the past decades groundwater recharge and discharge rates have dramatically changed in these regions as a consequence of the numerous forms of global change like modifications of land use and land cover, increased pumping (irrigation, domestic water), hydraulic works, and wet and dry climate cycles. This session will focus on multidecadal evolution of aquifer balances, with a focus on: - direct (water table surveys) and indirect (vadose zone, environmental tracers) evidence of these changes, - quantitative and qualitative consequences in terms of biophysical processes and exploitation by populations, - impacts on accuracy and reliability of groundwater models at various scales, especially with respect to potential future changes."

Pour en savoir plus : http://www.60iah2016.org/en/programme/main-topics

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